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  1. Fully Responsive
  2. Extended photography support - cover/proportional view, thumbnails, masonry, Kenburns slider and many more
  3. Masonry/Metro/Grid layout
  4. Availability Calendar
  5. 3 Premium responsive sliders!
  6. You can change typography, colors, paddings and other settings and see the changes immediately!
  7. Video intro page
  8. Easy settings backup. You can experiment with your site appearance and return to your previously saved version at any time.
  9. Highly optimized for speed. Theme smartly chooses appropriate image size for the page, which greatly reduces the bandwidth.
  10. Custom text logo. With lots of typography options and 600+ Google Fonts you can create fantastic logos!
  11. Metro portfolio layout with filter, 6/4 columns
  12. Justified Grid portfolio layout 6/4 columns
  13. AJAX-powered blog/portfolio with Load More/infinite scroll options
  14. WordPress 3.9.1 and earlier Ready
  15. HTML5 & CSS3
  16. Valid Code W3C checked
  17. Bootstrap Framework
  18. SEO optimized
  19. Powerfull admin panel
  20. +1200 icomoon icons
  21. 640+ Google Fonts
  22. Shortcodes
  23. Custom Widgets
  24. Social Sharing buttons
  25. Flexible Settings
  26. All Post Formats
  27. Google map
  28. Contact Form ready (CF7)




To install this theme, you must have a working WordPress site, the theme works on any version of WordPress 3.2.x(3.8 recommended). Make sure you follow the instructions step by step. If you have trouble installing WordPress, read this tutorial. There are two ways to install .

Installing via Admin Panel

In WordPress, log in into the admin area, navigate through Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload, select the .zip file you downloaded and click on Install Now. After the upload, you will be prompted to activate the theme. Do it.

If you get a message "Are You Sure You Want To Do This?"

This message usually occurs because of limitations on your hosting. In this case, you should email your hosting company and ask them to increase the maximum file size for uploaded files, or you may install the Theme via FTP.

Installing via FTP

Another way of installing the theme, is by FTP. Log in to your site's FTP through a FTP Client (like FileZilla), and navigate to WordPress installation directory. From there navigate to: /wp-content/themes/ and upload the folder here (should be something like /wp-content/themes/signup/ ). When upload is complete, go to Appearance > Themes in your Wordpress admin area. You will see SignUp theme there. Hit Activate to activate SignUp theme.

If you receive an error after installation: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in"

If you get this message, you need to select “binary” transfer mode in your FTP client settings and upload theme again. For example, in FileZilla:

Install Plugins

After successful activation of theme, make sure to install and activate all the plugins bundled with SignUp.

Initial Website Setup

Import Dummy data (Optional)

After installing the theme, you need to configure theme and import demo content. Log into the admin area, navigate through Tools > Import > Wordpress and install WP-importer plugin, if you don‘t have it. Choose demo.xml file from your theme package and click Upload. If you are logged in as "admin", then you do not have to choose a user name in the list. If your login is different - select it from the list. Don't forget to check "Download attachment files"!

Page setup

If the demo data is already imported
Once you have gone through all the steps above, your theme is almost ready to go. Now you should see the blog instead of the home page. If you have already imported the demo data, you need to select the required home page. To do this, go to "Settings> Reading" page and select one of the imported pages.

If the demo data is not imported
If you do not want to import the demo data, you need to create a home page. To do this, go to the "Pages> Add new", name the page (for example Home Page) as you need and choose the right template, set the template options and save page.
Now you need to set this page as the homepage.To do this, go to "Settings> Reading" page and select the "Home Page"


This theme comes with a set of shortcodes. You can use them in posts and pages:

The list of shortcodes is, as follows:

Widget Setup

  1. Click Appearance tab.
  2. Click Widgets Sub Tab.
  3. There you can find 3 default sidebars for footer.
  4. Drag and Drop any widget you like in the apropriate sidebar.

Update Theme


How to update the theme ? Very simple!

  1. For extra safety,make a backup of your personal settings in "Customize> Reset/Restore Settings". You must copy the code in a separate file and save to your computer.
  2. We recommend to install the free plugin "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades"
  3. Go to the "Appearance> Themes" and click "Add new"
  4. Click on the tab "Upload", then select the file with the template below need to be sure to select "YES" and click "Install now"
  5. Activate the theme
  6. Now you need to activate all the plugins that uses the template
  7. Now you need to again activate the menu and widgets (they are preserved, they just need to activate)
  8. Necessary to once again choose the home page, go to "Setting > Reading" and select your homepage.
Well done! Enjoy

Custom Post Types.

This theme has several custom post types for your convenience:

Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries are one of the main templates of this theme. Featured Image, Content and Gallery title are used in different gallery-based templates. Don't leave them blank. Galleries also have categories, which can be later used in different templates to filter items. To add items to the gallery, click Gallery Items tab, then "Add new" button. You can choose between 4 different types: Gallery Items can be reordered by Drag & Drop. Each gallery can be displayed in 4 different formats:


Portfolios are another way to display your work. You can choose between Image and Video display type. Both display types feature gallery. In video mode, you can use Vimeo, Youtube and self-hosted video. In Gallery tab you can upload additional images for project and reorder them, using Drag & Drop. In project info, you can add button with link to external website. In Metro tab, you can select the size for project image, which will be used in Metro portfolio template. You can also add multiple info fields for this project. Featured image is used as first image for Image type and as video cover for Video display type. To display Portfolio projects, different page templates are used? like Portfolio page, Striped home page and others. See the Page templates section for more info. Portfolio categories are used in different templates for filtering items. You can also add custom background audio for every project.


Services you provide can be displayed to your customers in different views, either as image, or as icon. For image, Featured image is used, for icon - Icon class field. You can fill both, and switch between them later. Main content editor is used for Service description and Title is used for Service name. Use Services shortcode to insert service in post or page.

Team members

Post Title is used for team member's name, Content Editor is team member description and Featured image is used for photo. Use Team Members shortcode to insert team member in post or page.

Pricing Tables

Post Title is used for pricing plan name. You can add any number of features in Features tab. Use Price shortcode to insert Pricing table in post or page.


You can any number of testimonials from your clients. Post Title is used for client's name, Company link field is a link to your client's website (optional field), Content Editor is testimonial main text and Featured image is used for logo or photo. Use Testimonials shortcode to insert testimonials carousel in post or page.


Post Title is used for client's name, Client link field is a link to your client's website (optional field) and Featured image is used for logo. Use Clients shortcode to insert clients carousel in post or page.

Custom Page Templates.

This premium theme features different page templates, so you can better showcase your photography and other content. Page templates are, as follows:

Default template

Default page template. You can add custom sidebar to each page, as well as Background audio and Popup window. Popup window can be either Image or html. Each popup will only be displayed to user once.

Availability calendar

With this page template you can show your schedule to your customers. Busy days can be set in Plugins -> Availability.

Background Image Home Page

In this template you can show image with overlay on top of it. Also, title, content and button can be added.

Blog Masonry Page

In Masonry blog page template, you can display your lates post in Masonry layout. You can select between 3, 4 and 6 columns, set how many rows are loaded on page load and select one of loading types: "Load More button", "Infinite Scroll" or "Load all at once". Content Display type field defines how full post will be displayed - either in popup, or in new page. You can also enable filter on page.

Contact Us Page

Page with fullscreen map and your contacts. Address text field content will be displayed in popup near the map marker. To display Contact Form, Contact Form 7 plugin must be activated.

GoGetThemes Responsive Slider

Responsive slider with 8 modern transition effects. On mobile devices, slides are moved by swiping them. The effects available, are: You can set slider speed, select animation effect for title, content and button, set animation delays and speed, enable/disable autoplay. Create custom slides or use Photo Galleries/Portfolio projects as slides.

Hover Home Page

Hover Slider is a simple, but modern-looking slider, which changes background on mouse hover. You can select between Portfolio, Photo Galleries and Custom slides.

Kenburns Slider

Slider, using popular Ken Burns effect. You can add color or image pattern to slider, set slider speed, add button, content and title. Create custom slides or use Photo Gallery. As on all other page templates, custom background audio is available.

Layer Slider Home page

Fullscreen Layer Slider. Install and activate LayerSlider plugin, bundled with the theme. Create or import a slider. In Slider Settings -> Layout, set both Responsive mode and Full-width to off, in Slider dimensions set both Slider width and Slider height to 100%. After saving the slider, put the slider ID in textbox below and Publish page.

Metro/Masonry Portfolio page

Same as previous template, but for portfolio. Choose between Masonry, Grid and Metro display types. If you choose metro display, make sure you set proper Metro size in Portfolio project settings. Use 2x1, 1x2 or even 2x2 for Projects you want to highlight. You can select from Load More, Infinity Scroll and Load all display type. Projects can be displayed either in new window, or in fullscreen popup. Besides, you have an option to display only selected project categories on page.

Revolution Slider Home page

On this page you can display Revolution Slider in Fullscreen mode with no extra elements. To do this, on Revolution Slider -> Main Slider Settings page set Slider Layout to Full Screen and save settings. In the box on page, put slider ID or alias.

Striped Home Page

Striped landing page is another landing page template. You can choose between horizontal scroll and fit-to-screen display modes. Items can be Photo Galleries, Portfolio items and Custom. You can also change inactive item overlay color and opacity.

Video Home Page

You can set responsive video as your home page. Choose from self-hosted video, Youtube and Vimeo. You may add color or pattern overlay with custom opacity. Title, content and button can be configured as well.

Plugins & Widgets

Instagram Widget

To use this widget, you need User Id and Access Token. You can get them the following way:

  1. Visit
  2. Login in to Instagram.
  3. Visit and press Get token button
  4. Paste it to the widget form

Flickr Widget

  1. To get Flickr Id, navigate to follow the instruction and get flickr id.
  2. Paste code in Flickr id input, select number of photos, type and select which photos to get - recent or random

Twitter Widget

Here is video instruction how to get keys and tokens for twitter widget.

If you prefer reading to watching a video, here are the basic steps:

Theme Customization

Theme colors and general settings can be changed in Appearance-> Customize. Here's the overview of the sections: